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Among other things, this is the home of the Rotor Page Load Indicator for Firefox, a simple modification which changes the default throbber to a spinning rotor.

Additionally, we provide the Rotary Compression Calculator, a quick program which allows easy compression normalization calculations from the readings of the Twisted Rotors Compression Tool.

Last, but not least, Foxed.ca is home of the largest collection of out-of-print Mazda manuals, which I offer as a reference to try to keep more of the unusual beasts on the road.

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We hope you enjoy your visit and we ask you:

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What's new at Foxed.ca?
New Mobile Layout
A new mobile layout has been launched for foxed.ca.

08/24/2016 13:02:00
Server Upgrade
The old server has been updated to the latest Apache and PHP versions. Its been neglected for a long time, so this is a nice change. As always, let me know if something is no longer working.

05/01/2015 07:22:40
New Server
Service may be intermittent due to server migration. Old server has had a major hardware failure and I decided it was time for an upgrade.

01/31/2012 09:48:14
Weather Station
The weather station is now online! Try it for yourself at http://weather.foxed.ca.

01/01/2012 10:13:45
New Rotary Compression Calcuator
Just released a new, web based javascript rotary compression calculator. Also noticed while checking over the old code that I was forgetting to invert a calculation dealing with altitude variance. New calculator fixes these issues and will work on any smart phone or web browser without the need to download anything!

11/17/2011 10:52:25
Google Docs
Most, if not all of the pdf manuals are now also available to view through Google Docs. I recommend you choose these links as they are much faster. You can save them as a pdf as well.

11/03/2011 01:50:38
Rx-7 Manuals
CSS issues with Rx-7 manual alignment seem to be fixed.

11/03/2011 01:48:11
New Layout
Finally did a little cleaning up and modernizing of the layout. Hope you enjoy the result. If you are having trouble finding something please let me know.

11/02/2011 11:11:50
News Admin
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