So you want to know about Foxed.ca?

Foxed.ca is owned and operated as a hobby by Thayer Fox, located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Foxed.ca started in 2003 as a school computer project and has slowly grown over the years. Originating from an old HP Pavilion, set up to store various files locally, it evolved into a dedicated multiplayer server. From this is did not take long until an FTP server was installed, transforming the old family computer into a digital briefcase for sharing with friends and family. A short while later, a copy of Apache was loaded and an http webhost was born.

Over time the original servers have died, and other scrap has taken their place, saving the old hardware from the trash. At some points, there have been up to five separate servers operating under Foxed.ca's umbrella. Most of the services offered were never really expected to be used by the masses. Instead, they allowed a platform to play and learn; we have had everything from DNS to SVN repositories. Truthfully, the only part of Foxed.ca to be publically successful is the hosting of the out of print Rotary Manuals.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our little domain.

Happy Trails,
Thayer Fox
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