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This page shows a summary of the data since midnight local time.

Today's data
Temperature and Humidity
High Temperature   at
Low Temperature   at
Temperature Range  
High Apparent Temperature   at
Low Apparent Temperature   at
High Feels Like   at
Low Feels Like   at
Low Wind Chill   at
High Heat Index   at
High Humidity % at
Low Humidity % at
Rainfall Today  
Rainfall Rate Max  /hr at
High Hourly Rainfall   at
High 24 Hour Rainfall   at
Days Since Last Dry Day
Days Since It Last Rained
High Gust   at
High Speed (10 minute average)   () at
Wind Run  
Dominant Direction °
High Pressure   at
Low Pressure   at
High Solar Radiation W/m2 at
Hours of Sunshine hrs
High UV Index at
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